Biopharmaceutical  Symposium


                    Wednesday, July 19  ―  Sunday, July 23, 2006

                           Hyatt Regency Hotel ,  San Francisco


                                 5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California 94111, USA


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       Dr. Nancy Chang, Chairman, Tanox, Inc. Houston, Texas;
       Dr. Allen Chao, CEO, Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc., Corona, California;
       Dr. Shing Chang, VP, Abbott Laboratory, Chicago, Illinois;
       Dr. Henry Pan, Executive VP, Neurocrine Biosciences Inc., San Diego, California;
       Dr. Kenneth Fong, Chairman, Kenson Ventures, Palo Alto, California
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Dr. Chang and Dr. Chao will receive the Life-time Pioneer Achievement Award and Life-time Achievement in Biopharma Award, respectively.   They will make presentations and remarks about their accomplishments in their respective fields, which are development of new biopharmaceuticals and specialty drugs.


Dr. Shing Chang and Dr. Pan are seasoned Executives in the pharmaceutical industry. They will share their experiences in the development of successful products and career.


Dr. Kenneth Fong will lead a panel discussion on THE MAKING OF A SUCCESSFUL   BIOTECH COMPANY, with successful entrepreneurs such as Dr. Jaw-Kang Chang (Phoenix

Pharmaceuticals), Dr. Guo-Liang Yu (Eptiomics), Dr. Xinfan Huang (Genepharm) and 

Dr. Jason Li (Panomics).


Dr. Chi-Ming Lee of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Edward Chu of Yale University will  co-chair a workshop on THE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, with leading experts such as 

Dr. Orest Hurko (Wyeth Research), Dr. Lars Farde (Karolinska Institute), Dr. Alan Wu (UCSF),

and Dr. Shwu-Huey Liu (Phytoceutica).


Bioprocessing, IP and Business, etc


This Symposium is organized by the Society of the Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA), the Biopharmaceutical Division of SCBA, and the SAPA-West.  To register, please go to the website:     you can make registration on line & the fee is $45.